A Short Introduction To Comparative Essay Writing

Writing a comparison between two different objects involve describing their characteristics, properties and states in a form that reader can evaluate both of them; discretely and simultaneously. Similarly, in a comparative essay, a writer is obliged to mark a difference or similarity between two objects by evaluating them with respect to their attributes. These objects can be researches, literary pieces, personalities and their actions, schools of thought, etc. Students in colleges and universities are often taught how to classify things in a comparative mode or how to perform a comparative analysis, because it has its great application in sciences and arts. Moreover, by writing a comparison between two entities, a student is privileged basic research abilities and knowledge. In this article, you will be given a brief introduction about how to write essays based on comparison or comparative analysis.

Starting Your Essay: Start your essay with a perfectly composed paragraph, giving a short and succinct introduction of both subjects to be analyzed and evaluated. This contributes as an introduction of your comparative essay, followed by a reason of their analysis in the same paragraph. Always remember that if you present no solid reason of their comparison, your comparative analysis is considered out of scope.
Beginning Comparison: Before going further, decide the scope and basis of your comparison i. e. particular attributes and characteristics prevailing or absent in both objects. This would help you characterizing your domain of writing and setting boundaries for your work. Furthermore, it would make your essay look more authentic by giving it a touch of deliberateness.

Giving Your Proposal: After you have decided your scope and domain; its time to put your proposal at front. This could be an opinionated statement which will guide your readers according to your point of view. Evaluation and comparison based on a hypothesis will build a structure of your comparative essay and lead your readers to a certain conclusion or result. And, based on your hypothetical evaluation, your essay will either be directed in a way of viewing both objects simultaneously or one from anothers point of view. An ideal proposition can be based upon viewing one object from another perspective and writing their flaws and advantages, respectively.

Concluding: Idealistically, your conclusion should be argumentatively decisive; showing how one object is good orbad according to your hypothesis and logic. Like introduction, it should be collected and summarized in a single paragraph. After writing your essay, you can have it proofread and edited by a fellow writer or by professional proofreading and essay editing services, available online.

Comparative essays are a mixture of your hypothetical proposal standing on some argumentative basis and comparative analysis of two or more objects. Although, there are many other ways in which a person can write a comparative essay based on analytical proofs and arguments. For more information about the subject, one can refer to an excellent writing resource, from where one can buy custom essays and get information about essay content development.